Recommended Reading – General Interest

Formula 1 is a sport with a rich history and some unique stories and personalities. Working in Formula 1 allows you to get to know some of the people, the teams and the stories first hand but I still find the sport fascinating to read about. Improving your background understanding and knowledge about Formula 1 and will help your confidence and increase your awareness of the sport and give you an insight as to how it works behind the scenes.

Learning about the background of people who made successful careers in Formula 1 and what their goals and motivations are can be inspiration for those wanting to have a similar career. Finding a job in F1 can be frustrating but I found that reading other people’s stories help to galvanise my determination to succeed. Here are some of the books I would recommend.

  • Who works in Formula 1

  • Who works in Formula 1 is an annual directory published at the beginning of each season. It gives superb detail on each driver, team, the key people who work there and contact details for suppliers and each grand prix organiser. Its quite an expensive book but possible a worthwhile investment if you are serious about working in the sport.

  • The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One
  • This book chronicles some of the power struggles that go on behind the scenes, particularly between team owners.

    It shows up the rather ruthless nature of the sport at the highest level, where money and winning are pursued at all costs.

    Each of the established teams is covered with a team history and background behind the owners


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