Technical Director

What does the Technical Director do ?

The Technical Director is in overall charge of all technical aspects of the car and the team itself.   He/She must coordinate all of the various technical areas such as aerodynamics, mechanical design, trackside operations and the development of the factory’s technical facilities.  This job is the pinnacle of technical jobs in F1 and carries huge responsibility.

What is the best thing about being a Technical Director ?

As a technical director you have hold all the keys to develop a race winning Formula 1 car and will have a team of highly talented engineers and designers at your disposal.  You will also have the freedom to steer the development of the car in any direction you choose.  For anyone who wants to work in F1, being Technical Director is possibly the ultimate aim.

What is the worst thing about being a Technical Director ?

As a technical director you carry full responsibility for every technical aspect of the car and the team.  There is no hiding when things are not going well and the rest of the team will look to you for ideas and solutions to their problems.  Many technical directors will travel to races as well as co-ordinate things within the factory which makes things especially difficult to manage.  The role is very demanding and no doubt very stressful and requires huge time commitment.  It is not a part time occupation !

How much would I get paid ?

Technical Directors are at the very top of the payscale and depending on which team you work for but most technical directors will earn in excess of £200,000 ($300,000).

What qualifications would I need ?

A good engineering degree is essential. You will also typically need 10 to 15 years experience in many areas of motorsport, including trackside operations, aerodynamics and mechanical design.

What other skills might be useful ?

Good time management and the ability to work in several separate areas at the same time is essential.  You would also need the ability to stand back and look at the bigger picture, steer the team to its long term goals whilst solving the immediate problems at races and the factory.  Technical Directors need to be able to thrive under pressure.

What future roles can this lead to ?

Technical Directors may potentially move on to be Team Principals.

Where can I find out more ?

Current Technical Directors :
Red Bull – Adrian Newey
Ferrari – Pat Fry
Mclaren – Tim Goss
Mercedes – Bob Bell
Lotus – Nick Chester
Force India – Andy Green
Sauber – none at present
Torro Rosso – James Key
Williams – Pat Symonds
Caterham – Mark Smith
Marussia – none at present


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