Junior Designer

What does a Junior Designer do ?

Designers, or designer engineers as they are also referred to, model and draw the physical part and components that make up a Formula 1 car. This is normally done on a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) station or computer. As a Junior Designer you would be designing small assemblies or individual parts under the guidance of a Senior Designer.

What is the best thing about being a Junior Designer ?

As a junior designer you will get to create your own designs and ideas which then get manufactured and used as part of a Formula 1 car. The parts you design might go on to win races or the F1 championship. You will typically get involved in many different areas of design and get to learn about the inner workings of an F1 car very quickly.

What is the worst thing about being a Junior Designer ?

As a junior designer you will need to work very long hours, especially in the winter car build period and work under extreme time pressure without making mistakes. In the early years of your career you may not be well paid for the work you do, until you have proven that you have the necessary skills and have built up sufficient experience.

How much would I get paid ?

Junior designers in F1 might get paid anywhere from £15,000 to £35,000 ($25,000 to $55,000) depending on the team and their level of experience.

What qualifications would I need ?

A good engineering degree is almost essential, or similar qualification in a science or mathematical related subject. You should also have good grades in maths and science at school level.

What other skills might be useful ?

Practical experience of building mechanical parts, making things and an eye for design and detail would be very useful. Creativity and problem solving are qualities that many of the best designers possess.

What future roles can this lead to ?

Junior designers typically move on to be senior designers and then potentially chief designer or technical director.

Where can I find out more ?



8 thoughts on “Junior Designer

  1. Hi,
    First of all this is an absolutely brilliant blog! Thanks for all the wonderfully precise information and tips you’ve given! 😀
    I know you’ve posted the list of courses which are required for getting in. what i want to know is that what are the top universities which we need to try out for doing a post graduation? I’m currently doing my Undergrad in Mechanical Engineering in a top university in india. In one of you’re other articles you’ve mentioned that teams directly take students from campuses? but it was only Williams? Do all teams take students like that? and which are the top universities which offer these course? And do teams take students from particular colleges?
    Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions but i’m really passionate about F1 and its probably my dream to be involved in it! Cheers! 😀

    • Hi

      I am writing a new blog post on choosing universities, which should answer most of you questions. I’m almost finished it but struggling for time at the moment !!

      Keep an eye on my blog or follow it to get email updates if you haven’t already.

    • Hi

      Design work is mostly at a computer with CAD software but you’ll get to see lots of cars and bits from them. Designers normally leave building and fixing to people more gifted with their hands

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the reply. I am currently a diesel mechanic but am about to study mechanical engineering, I have been involved with building a few machines and really enjoy engineering but I am going to do some research before changing careers.
        I am car mad (building my own at the moment) and love Motorsport.
        Are there any jobs that involve abit of both computer and practical work?
        Your help is much appreciated.

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