Useful Resources

I thought it would be helpful to create a page where I could collect links and resources that you might find useful as you learn and search for a job in Formula 1. I will add more as I cover and investigate various topics, adding anything I find that I found interesting.

The F1 teams and other jobs pages

  • F1 TEAMS
    • RED BULL: latest vacancies and a place to send in your resume
    • FERRARI: information on working at Ferrari and registering your resume
    • MCLAREN: good section on job descriptions, work experience and graduate schemes
    • LOTUS: current vacancies and how to apply
    • MERCEDES: a list of current vacancies and staff benefits
    • SAUBER: vacancies and human resources contact details
    • FORCE INDIA: current vacancies and information on work experience and apprenticeships
    • WILLIAMS: vacancies and useful information about placements
    • TORRO ROSSO: current vacancies
    • CATERHAM: current vacancies and a place to submit your resume/CV
    • MARUSSIA: a list of current vacancies
    • RACESTAFF.COM: a site listing large number of vacancies across motorsport industry
    • AUTOSPORT: jobs section of the popular magazine website

    F1 on the internet – recommended sites and blogs

    Recommended career and general info sites and blogs

    Recommended reading lists


    Useful Contacts

    Inspiration and Motivation

    A jumbled collection of videos, images quotes which I think capture Formula 1 at its best.

      keep coming back as this page is still under construction !


3 thoughts on “Useful Resources

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  2. I am sure you don’t want to promote individual commercial interests, but ‘Resources In Motorsports’ was just launched to help people getting in to Formula 1 and other motorsports. We regularly post open positions on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@ResInMotorsport) pages and actively promote qualified candidates to the teams. Good luck to all getting ahead in Formula 1!

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