The sport of Formula 1 is an exciting, fast and glamorous business and its global popularity seems to be ever increasing. Being a Formula 1 driver is the dream of many boys (and girls) but it is so very difficult to get to the top of the sport these days that the majority of those dreams fade away and reality takes over.

Ayao Komatsu with Romain Grosjean

Ayao Komatsu with Romain Grosjean

Formula 1 however is a big business and you don’t need to be a driver to get involved. The motorsport industry is huge and the Formula 1 teams employ many different people in many different roles. These jobs might not be as glamourous as driving the racing car but they do allow ordinary people to earn a living and become involved right at the heart of the sport. This is what this website is about.

My idea

Job in F1 is a site dedicated to providing advice and guidance to those who want to make a career in Formula 1 and motorsport. I am now a senior engineer within Formula 1 and have worked in motor racing for most of my career. When I was trying to break into the sport myself, I found very little in the way of encouragement and advice about what I needed to do at school and how to gain vital experience. Several decades later and despite the invention of the internet not much seems to have changed ! There is still very little information out there and even what there is tends to be inaccurate. I wanted to put that right and create a real resource that people could come to and find encouragement and ideas in order to follow their dreams of working in Formula 1.

I want Job in F1 to be the resource that I was desperate to find as a 10 year old kid and to help others to have the same fulfilling career that Formula 1 has given me

How to use this site

Feel free to browse through my blog posts or perhaps start with my Frequently Asked Questions. You can check out my Useful Resources section or ask questions in any of the comment boxes around the site. This site is still in its early days so I’ll happily add new information if there is something in particular you want to know. Feedback, both good and bad is always welcome. Good luck.

Pitcrew - facebook page cover

Disclaimer and some other important points about jobinf1.com

This site is not about the technical aspects of Formula 1. There are now a great many other sites out there such as Craig Scarborough’s blog which give excellent and informative discussion on the latest technical secrets of F1. You can find many of the sites I recommend in my Resources page. I am privileged to have access to many of my team’s technical secrets but I will not share any of that on this site or to individuals. The advice that I may give is completely separate to the technical aspects of my job and the existence of this site depends on the trust that my team places in me not to share valuable information.

This site is not endorsed or linked to my team in anyway, and as a result I do not intend to share with you which team it is that I work for. It would be unfair on them to suggest that I can be a point of contact for them or influence their recruitment policy via this site. Any advice here is completely my own and nothing to do with that team. I assume that you can understand why this is so.

I hope that by reading my posts it will be clear that I have considerable experience in Formula 1 and that my ability to give valuable advice to people is not affected by the fact I cannot reveal my own identity or that of my team. The insight I give about working in Formula 1 is entirely generic and not a description of any one team or a particular individual’s role, except that which is already available in the public domain.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you find my site helpful and inspiring ! There is really no reason why anyone with a passion for motor racing cannot make a career in Formula 1. The best place to start maybe my 5 top tips for getting a job in Formula 1.

Best of luck !


549 thoughts on “About

  1. hi sir iam pavan .can u pls suggest f1 magazines that could give u useful leads and information that could help students .

  2. hi sir i wanna be a vehicle dynamist.i have applied for a local F4 team and they would be interested in taking me into the team as juniour vehicle dynamist.but i know only some basics of suspension,braking,etcbut never really done anything on evaluating vehicle performance looking at the data,etcdo u think it is ok because its my first ever in a real race team.if no how can i develope this skill of analysing data,etc

  3. sir iam pavan,i want to know the main diference between vehicle dynamics and aero.i see that in f1 these two are largly interelated.iwanna be a vehicle dynamist is it necessary that u have knowledge of both ,if yes ,up to wat extent

    • Well, the difference is vehicle dynamics is about mechanical performance, springs, roll rates, ride and handling whereas aero is about fluid dynamics, airflow, turbulence and cooling. Both have big influence on performance and complement each other in order to get the optimum car setup but they are quite different disciplines. Not expected to have detailed knowledge of both until you reach technical director type of level. It’s very hard to of that.

  4. Hi workinmotorsport!

    My aim is to become a F1 Mechanic someday. I’m curious to know will an F1 Team expect you to know straight away how everything is assembled on an F1 car. Will they expect me to know where every part goes and to know what all the equipment does?

    I would be worried going in on my first day and looking like a complete melon! 😀

    • Hi

      No you wouldn’t be expected to know. I don’t know how half of it works (bits I don’t work with) and even out technical director doesn’t know half of it!! It’s fine.

      You’d learn quickly so don’t worry

  5. Thank you for reply me..,
    I know but in which level and how I start the races or level and where in India please give me direction and in which age.

  6. hi, i have a brother who is 9 yrs old and he went to PPIK in Leeds (indoor karting) and it was his first time there he beat everyone there and some of the people were 15 and drive there 2 or 3 times a week and you can tell that he is talented.He loves F1 and he he wants to be a F1 driver could you please tell me how he could be a driver and how you can get into formula ford ect.

  7. Hi, Two things.
    1)I was wondering if you could follow me on twitter so i could send you direct messages? (@_michaellray)
    2) We did a practice course choice (Choosing options) for our higher courses next year, which are the basics required for university (Highers are scottish qualifications). However, I was unsure about whether to pick Graphic Communication or English. I would like to know how much English is valued if you are an engineer, and which one you would lean me towards. I will add that I would be prepared to do many roles in an f1 team, I dont have my eyes set on any one role, although I am thinking about perhaps doing a job that involves CAD. However, I am not too fussed, and I would just like some information from somebody that has experience.
    Michael 🙂

  8. Hi i really need HELP!
    The f1 medics who drive the cars in the front i would love to do that job please tell me how!!?? many thanks

  9. Hi…
    I am hrithik ,im 14 year old ,live in india and i want to become a formula one racer/driver please give me direction when and how I start.I read your FAQ and blogs also but i can not find my answer correctly,so please give me answer again.And please give me an E-mail address for more questions and success steps for formula one racers.. please reply me fast …
    thanku in advance for helping me..

    • Hi Hrithik

      It’s difficult to answer as I know so little about your situation. So many people ask me about becoming an F1 driver but it is very hard to explain.

      You must start at lower levels and see how you get on. F1 is such a high professional level that you cannot go there straight away.

      I sometimes tell people it is like asking to be on the Indian cricket team when you have never played cricket. You need to play with your friends, play for the local club, then play for the regional team, turn professional and then play for India if you are good enough.

  10. Hi,I want to have a job in F1 but I am worry because my maths doesn’t very well. So,I want to know can I work with F1 if my maths doesn’t very well.Sorry if my english doesn’t very well.

  11. Hi,can somebody work with f1 if mathematics doesn’t very well and can someone become a f1 driver without joining other race.Sorry if my english doesn’t very well.

  12. Best of luck engineering those V6s for next season! 🙂 It was a sad day being the last for the V8s. I am curious to ser how those little 6 cylinders will hold up… 🙂


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