Lee McKenzie: “Michael Schumacher was always wonderful to interview”

Great interview from Helena Hicks with Lee McKenzie on how to become an F1 & sports journalist

Helena Hicks

Lee McKenzie is one of the biggest names associated with the world of broadcasting, journalism and presenting. From gracing the Formula 1 circuit as being one of the key names in the paddock to taking on the role of a senior reporter for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Lee McKenzie leads an extremely busy life.

“2016 was the busiest year I have ever had and I didn’t get to spend a whole amount of time at home or in any one place, apart from Rio! ” McKenzie told me. “When you get offered such an incredible range of sports and TV programmes that I am passionate about, you would do what you can to present and work on them. Days or years like that don’t come around often.”

With that in mind, Lee McKenzie has racked up an impressive amount of air miles in her career. Yet, she recognises that it is…

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