Becoming an F1 Mechanic

My blog is generally my opinion about how to get a job in F1 but it’s great when I read someone else’s point of view and hear their advice. That is especially true when it is from someone who has been there and done it.

Mark Priestley was a senior mechanic at McLaren for many, many years and has done just about everything there is to achieve in this sport.

This is his story and his advice on how to get a job in F1.

You can follow Mark on his blog or via @f1elvis on Twitter.

People are always asking me how I got into Formula One in the first place and for any advice for them or their sons or daughters who might be eyeing up a similar career in the pitlane. To those who’ve approached me face to face, I always try and give the most in-depth and accurate description of my own experience and words of sincere encouragement for those who might like to follow in my footsteps. For the many who get in touch through Twitter or similar means, it becomes a lot more difficult to convey my genuine passion for the world of Formula One and the life that it becomes for those within it, in just 140 characters.

…so I thought I’d have a go here.


I grew up in a village in the UK, on the doorstep of Brands Hatch, which, during many of the formative years of my…

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